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Bone Dry Roofing Before & After Photos

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Roof Replacement in Greenfield, IN

This customer had their roof redone by Bone Dry, and now their new roof has not only upped their curb appeal for their home, but it is now going to keep the customers safe and dry throughout the entire winter.

Unique Cupola Roof Replacement in Greenfield, IN

The top of this homeowners cupola roof was peeling and the siding on top was falling off. This lets wind, rain, and ice and snow in and it leaves the roof weak. To make sure the roof stayed strong and kept the weather out. The Bone Dry repair team went and added some paneling to seal that up and make sure it was a good strong top of the roof so that nothing will leak in and cause damage to the rest of the roof.

Chimney Siding Repair & Replacement in Greenfield, IN

This customer's chimney was weak and in need of repair. Chimney's are an important part of the roof, and if your chimney is weak then it can lead to weakness and damage throughout the rest of the roof. Chimney's really aren't that much different to roofs when it comes to repairs. The chimney's need good strong decking and tools to help prevent water and ice damage. Bone Dry fixed this chimney so that the homeowner could rest assured that it is as safe and secure as the rest of the roof. 

Synthetic Felt on Chimney in Greenfield, IN

This customer's chimney got all the care and attention from our Bone Dry repair team that it needed. Bone Dry not only added new siding to the chimney, but also underneath all the layers, they added synthetic felt, so that any water that may soak through would be absorbed up. Now thanks to Bone Dry the chimney will stay nice and dry. 

New Roofing System by Garage Installed in Greenfield, IN

Prior to the work, this home had sustained some damage to its roof near a wall of siding, the shingles didn't even match accordingly. This wall is what we would call a "dead valley", where the garage meets the house. This "dead valley" was completely replaced and renewed by adding an ice and water shield underlayment, new trim board, new shingles, and new flashing. This section of roof is now entirely new.

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