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Bone Dry Roofing Case Studies: Installing Rain Diverters In Fishers Indiana

Friday, July 21st, 2017 by Hailey Ziegert


The unique slope and pitch of this roof made it difficult to divert rain effectively. It is important to keep rainfall dispersed evenly when it comes flowing down the slope on a roof. After many quick fixes, it was time to have the Bone Dry Specialists out to inspect the roof and create an estimate to ensure that this would no longer be a problem area. 


Our specialists made it out to the site and after a full and free roof evaluation it was decided that the best and most effective plan would be to install somewhere between 3 and 5 rain diverters that would keep the rain out of the valley that was taking the large bulk of the rain and water damage over time. These rain diverters would help disperse that rain more evenly so that when rain did come, this one specific area didn't have to suffer so much anymore. Great job guys! This will do the trick!

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Installer: Carlos Jose

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