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Bone Dry Roofing Case Studies: Taking Care Of Long Time Leaking Issue in Eaton Indiana

Tuesday, August 1st, 2017 by Hailey Ziegert


This chimney in Eaton Indiana was suffering greatly due to moisture that had been leaking inside of the siding over the years, causing wood rot without the homeowner even knowing. The chimney  was actually the stem cause of a roof leak that they had been trying to address for years by enlisting numerous contractors, all of which would fail. It was the added up moisture getting into the underlying layers of the chimney that prevented other contractors from repairing the roof. 


Our crews were thankfully able to get out to this roof in Eaton, Indiana and conduct a state of the art water test along the siding and roof in this house to really get to the bottom of where this leak was coming from. The water test showed that it really wasn't a roof problem at all and it was an issue with built up pressure and moisture in this area that was causing rainfall to get into the underlying layers of the roof. Now these layers were literally providing little to no protection from the harsh elements of the outside. Our crews were able to replace the rotted out wood with new plywood, as well as our signature red Bone Dry Felt paper as an extra moisture leakage preventative. We also installed "kick outs" on either side of the chimney to direct water away from the brand new siding. This will hold up far better than any repair that was done to this area before and finally give this new member of the Bone Dry Family the peace of mind that they deserve. 

Project Summary

Installer: Carlos Jose

Water Tester: Grant Casteel

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