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Noblesville Winter Roof Repair
As a result of high winds, this Noblesville home was in need of multiple repairs. Multiple roof accessories and shingles needed to be replaced, as well as the gutters.
Synthetic Felt Applied on Home - Roof Repair in Noblesville, IN
This customer was tired of their old and used shingles, so they decided to call up Bone Dry to scrape off the old shingles and provide an upgrade of their roof, all the way...
Necessary Emergency Repairs in Arcadia Indiana
When heavy storms hit the area, this roof felt the effects in a big way, and this homeowner took notice. With some shingles dangling by a corner and others blown off completely,...
Getting to the Root of the Problem - Roof Replacement in Greenwood Indiana
This home suffered damaged and warped siding due to moisture leakage. This came from a lack of appropriate materials used to keep moisture out. Our crews went out to the home...
Repairing Ventilation Issues on Back Porch in Carmel Indiana
This customer was having serious issues with the lack of air flow on their back porch area. Grant Casteel, our repair specialist, was able to diagnose the issue. While it...
Backed Up Gutters - Gutter Cleaning in Carmel Indiana
This customer's gutters were in pretty bad shape due to build up of leaves, dirt, sticks and bugs. It is very important that gutters be kept clean, but this is often overlooked...
Unique Roof Replacement Project in Carmel, IN
This homeowner decided to get a roof replacement in before the winter season set in, to assure that no damage from snow or ice could effect his home. The roof was very large,...
Wood Rot Along Eaves and Gutter Line In Indianapolis Indiana
Along the eaves and the gutter line along this a frame it is very obvious to a roofer that the overall issue was something that we run into rather frequently. An insufficiently...
Seeing the Difference in Flashing in Carmel Indiana
This roof was leaking around this one difficult area that made it difficult for this homeowner to see if the water was coming from the roof or the chimney. Our crews went...
When this new roof was being installed in Carmel, Indiana, it didn't get a drip edge. The drip edge is technically an extra option that any homeowner can elect not to have...
Roof Repair and Upgrade in Carmel
As a result of hail and high winds in August 2017, this home suffered some damage to its roof and gutters.
Following that same April hailstorm so many people have suffered from in 2017, this home was in desperate need of an all over repair.
Decking Pop Roof Repair in Carmel Indiana
This homeowner had a slight "pop" in the decking of their roof from moisture and age. The raised area was causing a number of issues and would continue to do so going forward...
Water Damage on Roof Decking in Carmel Indiana
This roof in Carmel, Indiana had been subjected to years of water damage to improper underlayment beneath the shingles. This caused the gutter line to have water leaking into...
Roof, gutter, and window screen damage in Westfield
Due to the big hail storm, we had in April 2017, this Westfield home was damaged all around. This customer reported damage to their window screens, gutters, siding, and roof....
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