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What Does Ice and Snow do to a Roof?

Thursday, February 1st, 2018 by Danielle Beaver

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Think of your roof as a boxer. Typically, your roof can withstand all of nature’s elements and win the battle when it comes to securing your home. However, the winter season is its greatest competitor. With hail, snow, sleet, ice, your roof gets hit with multiple punches. Though it never goes down without a fight, your roof may be left a little battered and bruised by the time spring comes around. AND, if your roof is already injured going into the fight, it may not have such an overwhelming win in the fight.


During the colder season, snow melts and freezes repeatedly. The water trickles down your shingles into your gutters and freezing causing icicles, ice rims, and sometimes ice dams. For this, we recommend removing the icicles and ice rims before they become large and heavy. However, if your roof does accumulate to an ice dam, a professional will have to come safely remove it.


Snow can also pose a threat to your roof if enough of it piles up. If the snow piles up too much, your roof will be under stress and potentially cause your home to leak. This, however, can be prevented if you SAFELY remove the snow from your roof. Follow this simple guide on how to remove snow from your roof:



-use a shovel or a rake to minimize your risk of cave-in

-if there is more than 6 inches of snow on your roof, it is time to remove it

-clear the overhangs and gutters first

-don’t use salt products on your roof (this may discolor the shingles)


Don’t want to get on your roof yourself? Have a nasty ice dam? Got a leak? CALL BONE DRY!


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