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Summer Home DIYs

Monday, June 11th, 2018 by Danielle Beaver

Summer Home DIYs - Image 1


As summer quickly approaches and temperatures continue to climb, consider renovating your outdoor space(s) for entertainment and relaxation purposes. Upgrading your fireplace, pool deck, garden, etc. can completely change the look and “feel” of your home.


If you have the desire to renovate this summer, take a look at these 5 ideas:


  1. DIY Fire Pit


Summer Home DIYs - Image 2


Difficulty Level: Easy


Building your own fire pit can be simple if you follow the right instructions and get the right materials. All that is required of this project is that you can acquire the stones to build the pit. This project can take as little as 15 minutes to build and will upgrade your boring metal fire pit to be more inviting. Click the picture for help building your own fire pit.


  1. Hide the Eyesores of your Home

Summer Home DIYs - Image 3


Difficulty Level: Medium


Trash cans, AC units, water spigots, utility meters, etc. can be an eyesore to the outside of your home. If these things bother you, try to cover them up! For this project, you need to be capable of measuring wood and handy with a hammer or drill. Though this project does take some time, it can get rid of the eyesores around the outside of your home. Click the picture for more information.


  1. Change your Outdoor Lighting

Summer Home DIYs - Image 4


Difficulty Level: Easy


The lighting around your home, indoors and out, can really change the mood of any area. There are many easy ways to create light, from tea lights in jars to citronella in bottles like tiki torches. The lighting can change depending on the area you want to renovate. Click the picture for ideas!


  1. DIY Hammocks

Summer Home DIYs - Image 5


Difficulty Level: Varies based upon type of hammock


For this project, you will need the fabric of your choice, strong rope, a dowel rod, 2-4 stainless steel quick links, and the ability to sew a couple straight lines. The smaller the hammock, the easier and quicker to build (ex: Chair Hammock). Hammocks can be designed in many ways, so have fun and create based upon your own style/theme. Click the picture for more DIY hammock ideas.


  1. Update your Garden

Summer Home DIYs - Image 6


Difficulty Level: Easy


Making your garden beautiful could be as simple as getting rid of all weeds and adding some new plants. But upgrading your garden requires more than just a flower bed. For example, you could add some flower pots, stone structures, water fountains, or walkways. For ideas on how to update your garden, click the picture!

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