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Case Study

Alexandria Kentucky Main Fire Station Roof Replacement


The challenge for this particular project was mainly the massive size of the roof. We initially received word that they were accepting closed bids for the roof and gutter replacement in late January and worked diligently to get our numbers together based on their scope of service. After an initial review of the scope, the Board decided not to award the work to any of the original bidders and released another bid date with revised scope. After some deliberation and discussion, Bone Dry was chosen to complete the work! We met with the Chief, Captain, and Board member late in June to discuss our plan. The most important thing was to make sure that we were very careful to clean every last nail up and keep the main doors accessible for them to respond to their calls.


After meeting up with the powers-that-be and determining our staging plans, we promptly ordered all of the material (and there was a lot, including over 200 square of shingles!) to begin the project. The work was scheduled to take place over a span of approximately 3 days from July 6-8th and the crew got started bright and early on the morning of July 6th. Thanks to high temperatures and even higher humidity levels, the work was grueling, but the crew was up to the challenge (literally having to run shingles from one side of the building to the other) and finished the most challenging portion and approximately half of the entire project in onw day! As of earlier this afternoon (July 7th), the crew was cresting the last ridge and heading for the final slope. The new roof looks amazing and will provide years of protection for those who protect us.

UPDATE- We did our final walk through this morning (July 8th) and everything is in tip top shape with the roof. The Chief was very pleased with the roof and everyone involved is amazed at the speed and how clean we kept the jobsite! Next step is gutter replacement! Once the new gutters go in (next Monday and Tuesday), we will meet with the Board for their final approval.