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Customer Testimonial from Kate K. in Fairfield, OH

Pat came out for our estimate. He was very kind and professional. Of the 8 estimates that we received, Pat was the only one who treated me like a person and not a sale. He explained everything to me in a way that made sense. He presented all the options in a way that was informative but not pushy. We were able to choose what we NEEDED not what would bring the biggest sale. We chose to have our roof replaced and to have new gutters put on. Our supplies were delivered the day prior to the roof being installed. It was two pallets of materials that took up a small amount of space in our driveway. No big deal. Cody and his team came the following day. From the moment he showed up to our house he was professional and very informative about what they would be doing, the process, and how long he expected the project to take. They put tarps over all of my flower beds and moved all of my patio furniture out of the way.  They had my old roof off in about 2 hours and Cody walked me around the house and showed me where they would need to replace some of the wood and how progress was going so far. They started the wood work and when they ran into a small issue Cody alerted me and told me how they were going to fix it. The new roof went on without any issues. When the project was completed Cody walked me around the entire house and showed me how it looked. I came out several times during the project to check on things and each time Cody was immediately informing me of what was going on and how things were going. I never once had to ask. The crew cleaned up their mess extremely well. The roofing crew was phenomenal! They were at our house from 9am to about 5:30pm.  The next day, the gutters were installed. The crew consisted of two men. They arrived at 12pm and stayed until 6pm. They were kind and professional. The gutters look great. To be fair, we did have a minor issue involving the gutter installers. When they completed their work, they simply got in the truck and left. I walked around my house checking the work they had done and it looked really great. When I got to the front of my house, they had not replaced my patio furniture or planters and they also did some minor damage to my gardens. The damage included breaking some of our edging around the garden and smashing a few of our plants. The damage was enough that they should have noticed it and addressed it prior to leaving my home.  I waited until I received the invoice in the mail for the gutters before calling the office in case the damage was addressed on the invoice. When I noticed that it was not addressed, I called the office and spoke to Brenda. She was very quick to apologize and allow us to determine the cost of the damage and subtract that from our balance. I think that it is important to note that I did ASK for monetary compensation. I simply wanted Bone Dry Roofing to be aware of the issue since the gutter installers were doing business on their behalf. Brenda offered to make an adjustment on the balance due.  I cannot fault Bone Dry for the very minor damage caused by the installers. Bone Dry was extremely helpful in rectifying the problem and making sure that I was satisfied.  I would use Bone Dry roofing again and recommend them to others looking for a company that is amazing