Chimney removal – Breaking up (& tearing down) is hard to do


Things are high voltage action around here with the recent pop up showers. Homeowners are abuzz, making sure their homes are fit as a fiddle. We were especially excited to get to address the needs at this particular home in Irvine. Our teams corrected, not only the roof & exteriors, but also the chimney. Chimney removal (or “deck overs” as we lovingly refer to them) is the process by which you take the shell of an unused chimney down to the roof line. While any search online will yield suggestions for how to DIY this deceptively simple process, we do NOT recommend approaching the project on your own. This is best done by professionals who not only know what to do in the best case scenario, but are also prepared to take action should things go awry. Let’s take a step back. You may be wondering why on earth someone would want to tear down a stately or historic chimney. Our masonry team cites several possible reasons, many of which stem from water intrusion. When the decision is made to remove it, you must ensure that the mass is no longer venting pipes in any way. The project featured had long been unused & had morphed into more of a water funnel nuisance than anything else. For this homeowner, removing the exterior was all that was necessary. This leaves the fireplace as a non-functioning centerpiece to their home, getting all of the compliments & none of the water damage! We are happy to take on your challenge spots too! Give us a call for your free estimate!