Thermo Gun

Thermo Gun

Have you ever seen a contractor use one of these? Wondered what it’s purpose is?

This is a infrared thermometer gun, or as we call them “thermo guns”. This tool is used whenever we need to determine the temperature of something. The gun makes it a lot easier for us to get a temperature of your home than a normal thermometer because we can’t insert a thermometer into your home’s mouth or in it’s ear. But we can, however, use this gun on the inside and outside of your walls to determine a temperature.

Why choose infrared? Because it is more accurate, safe, and durable than a regular temperature gun.The difference between an infrared and a regular thermometer gun is that an infrared thermometer shows you the heat signature rather than just the number. This heat signature let’s us see where the hotter parts of your house are without even touching it.

This tool also allows us to get a infrared scan of your roof and the insulation underneath. Infrared inspections are done to get the best image of the inside of your roof. These images are then used to inform us of the hotter spots on your roof.

This tool is very important to inspecting your roof before any repair or replacement is done. Now you know what these gun-like things are and you can ask for an infrared scan of your own body… just kidding… but really… try it.