4 Common Ways to Finance a New Roof


If your existing roof requires significant repairs or a total replacement, you may not be able to pay for the complete work out of pocket. On average, the cost of a roof replacement is about $8,000 and it is possible to spend a lot more. Fortunately, there are several ways to secure a feasible payment plan to finance your new roof. One of the leading residential roofing contractors details some of the most popular roof financing options to consider.

Get Quotes First

Before you begin evaluating your financing options, determine whether or not you will actually require financing by getting multiple quotes of the roof repair or replacement. Approach at least three or four reputable roofers in the area. Once you have an idea of the estimated total cost, from materials to labor and cleanup, you can review each financing option to see if it will sufficiently cover the expenses.

Roof Financing Options

  1. Homeowners Insurance Policy. Find out if your homeowners insurance policy or any limited warranties offer coverage for the damaged roof. A roof and gutter replacement contractor says that if insurance covers parts of the total repair or replacement cost, you will need less financing from other sources.

  2. Credit Cards. There are a lot of companies that accept credit card payments, but you should be extremely careful when putting a roof replacement service on yours. You may end up paying for the roof with the addition of high interest rates.

  3. Personal Line of Credit. One of the best options to finance a new roof is to open a personal line of credit. It tends to offer a lower rate of interest compared to credit cards and often requires low monthly payments.

  4. HELOC or Home Equity Loan. If you have less than stellar credit or want to minimize your interest rate, consider getting a home equity line of credit. You have better chances of negotiating lower interest rates by using your house as a collateral. However, to take full advantage of this financing route, you need to have some equity built up in your home.

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