Common Types of Roof Damage to Look for After Winter

Common Types of Roof Damage to Look for After Winter

Winter weather can often wreak havoc on your roof, which is why it pays to be mindful of the common types of winter roof damage and understand how they may affect your home. With a quick assessment, some basic maintenance and professional help, you can better preserve and protect your home and roof from damage in the winter. Here are some common types of roof damage you should look out for:

Ice Dams and Snow Build-up

When snow builds up and temperatures fluctuate, the edges of your roof can accumulate dense chunks of ice that form what is known as an ice dam. These ridges of ice block drainage systems, which then trap moisture under your roofing material and cause it to leak. Water and ice damage can be serious and costly if not addressed immediately.

Issues Caused by Heavy Snow

Heavy snowfall can quickly become too much for some roofs, especially older, weaker ones. Roofs do have weight limits and any more than they can handle could lead to cracking and sagging that causes leaks. Stay up-to-date on your roof’s maintenance to avoid more severe issues like these when winter rolls around.

Structural Damage

Strong winds, frozen precipitation and ice build-up can all damage your roof’s structure. If this structural damage is not addressed immediately, it could lead to further deterioration due to water leaks. You should be aware of regular maintenance for your roof and constantly patch up any area that requires immediate attention.

Leaks or Blistering

If your roof is not properly vented or has old shingles, excess moisture can get trapped in your attic, which could lead to issues like blistering or leaks from the edges of some panels. This type of damage affects your roof’s appearance, restricts ventilation and allows for water infiltration into other parts of the home.

Icicles and Other Gutter Issues

Snow, ice and heavy winds can also cause issues with your gutters. Icicles form more frequently along snarled areas of the gutter system where water accumulates, which can damage the material over time.

How to Prevent Winter Damage

Having a professionally installed, high-quality roof gives you the assurance that you and your family are protected from winter weather roof damages. At Bone Dry Roofing Columbus in OH, our talented team can provide quality services to those looking for ways to prevent or repair winter weather-related damage. Our Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Contractors understand your needs and are dedicated to providing the best possible work. Call us today at 614-602-5912, or fill out our contact form to schedule an appointment.