Gutter Replacement: Do You Need HOA Approval?

Living in a home located within a homeowners association (HOA) community has many benefits, but it can make home improvement projects a bit challenging. Before you start the renovation or repair, you often need approval from the HOA board. This way, your board reviews your project and ensures what you’re planning aligns with the rules and regulations of the community.

Gutter Replacement

While not all renovations may require an HOA approval, any changes made that are visible from the exterior of your home does. This may include replacing your gutters.

Why Do You Need HOA Approval Before Replacing Your Gutters?

All HOAs have governing documents, commonly referred to as covenants, conditions and restrictions (CC&Rs). These documents say what you can and cannot do to your home as a member of the HOA. As a responsible homeowner, you need to familiarize yourself with your neighborhood’s HOA rules before you start making any renovations to your home.

In general, elements visible from the exterior of your home require HOA approval. Since these impact the look and feel of your neighborhood, the HOA board needs to sign off on these changes. If you break a rule in your CC&Rs, the board can stop your project and force you to redo it. It can also charge a fine or take legal action. As such, it’s best to let you know your HOA board before you do any renovations to save yourself time and effort.

How Do You Get Your Gutter Project Approved?

To get your gutter replacement approved by your HOA board, be sure to follow these steps:

  • Submit project forms. Project forms may vary by HOA, so don’t forget to ask your board for these forms.

  • Hire qualified gutter contractors. Most HOAs often require the people you hire have proper insurance and credentials to perform the work. They may also give you a list of approved contractors who are familiar with the HOA rules in your neighborhood. If not, it’s up to you to look for gutter contractors for your project. Make sure the contractor you choose understands the CC&Rs, so your project complies with all HOA regulations.

  • Provide detailed project plans. Before work begins, some HOAs may want to check the detailed plans created by your gutter contractor.

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