How Roof Boots Can Help Your Roof

How Roof Boots Can Help Your Roof

Moisture is one of the the biggest enemies of your roof. If not addressed quickly, you may be dealing with costly repairs due to home interior and exterior damage stemming from leaks. Fortunately, one of the ways you can protect your roof and home is to top your vent pipes with a special covering called a roof boot.

Today, we provide an overview of roof boots and why you need one for your roof.

What Is a Roof Boot?

Also known as pipe flashing or plumbing vent boot, a roof boot covers the pipes that lead outside your plumbing system. This keeps the water out of your roofing system in the event of a major storm. It also lets air into your home to prevent drafts and ensure your attic doesn’t have to deal with moisture buildup or mold.

Some roof boots are typically made with a rubber sleeve that slides over the pipe. For a more durable and secure option, you may consider a pipe clamp at the top that wraps around the pipe and attaches to the boot.

Why Do You Need a Roof Boot?

Since they are constantly exposed to weather elements, your roof vent pipes may be susceptible to extensive damage. Without proper protection, your roof can sustain leaks and moisture damage. Wastewater won’t properly move into the sewer system as well.

As such, it’s important to invest in a durable roof boot. Most types of roof boots last for 10 years, but depending on the weather conditions in your area or your scheduled maintenance, they can last longer.

What Happens if Your Roof Boot Is Damaged?

Changes in outdoor temperatures, however, can cause some of your roof components to contract and expand, putting a lot of stress on your roof boot. If not properly secured, it can also shift, peel or crack, which may eventually compromise your roof and expose it to moisture further. For this reason, it’s important to get in touch with a roof boot repair expert right away.

To help you determine whether your roof boot is damaged, check for any cracking or peeling paint on your walls or any noticeable water stains on the ceiling. The shingles around your vent pipes may also have a “puckered” appearance. Since it may be dangerous to inspect your shingles yourself, it’s best to call a roofing professional to help you examine your roof.

If you think your roof boot is damaged, turn to the pros at Bone Dry Roofing. Our team of experts offers top-quality pipe boot repair services and many more. To request an estimate, call 614-602-5912, or fill out our online contact form.