How to Choose the Best Roof Color for Your Home

Choosing the right roof color makes your home look beautiful and increases its curb appeal, but it can be challenging with the many options available today. In this post, Bone Dry Roofing will list the steps to find the best color for your roof.

Exterior Paint Colors

You want to choose a roof color that complements the exterior colors and enhances their appearance. For example, an earthy brown or tan roof may look best if you have a light-colored house with yellow or cream tones. On the other hand, if you have darker-colored siding like navy blue or black, a lighter-colored roof such as gray or white would provide contrast and make the colors stand out more.

Local Climate and Weather Patterns

Darker-colored roofs absorb more heat and lead to higher energy bills when it gets warm. Lighter-colored roofs in hot climates, like white or light gray, can reflect more of the sun’s rays away from your home and stabilize your home temperatures.

Home Style and Neighborhood Standards

If you have a traditional or classic home, neutral colors such as brown, black, gray, or white may look best. On the other hand, a modern or contemporary home can work well with bold colors like red, blue or green can add some interest to your roof. But, before finalizing your choice of color, review your HOA guidelines to keep in line and avoid fines.

Popular Roof Color Choices

There are several popular roof color choices. Neutral colors like brown and black are popular due to their ability to complement most exterior paint colors while contrasting lighter shades. On the other hand, bold colors like blue and green roofs can add an element of surprise and excitement when done correctly.

Also consider Owens Corning’s Color of the Year for 2023. Midnight Plum is an inviting, intriguing and evocative regal violet and silver tone. It is a sophisticated and versatile shingle color that can work for virtually any home!

Bone Dry Roofing can help you choose the best color for your roofs. Our experienced and knowledgeable team has helped many homes improve their exterior and increase curb appeal. Schedule an appointment with Bone Dry Columbus by calling 614-602-5912 or filling out our online contact form.