Signs Your Gutters Are Coming Loose

Signs Your Gutters Are Coming Loose

Your gutters are responsible for directing water away from the foundation of your home, helping prevent a number of water-related issues, such as soil erosion and basement flooding. If your gutters are loose, they will not be able to perform their proper functions, and soon you will find yourself dealing with a headache-inducing and bank-breaking dilemma.

 Gutters Are Coming Loose

Bone Dry Roofing Columbus, a gutter specialist, shares signs you have loose gutters below.

  • Water is dripping behind the gutter. If there is a waterfall behind your gutters, it is a guaranteed sign your system is coming loose. This also means you have a leak that could be penetrating into your home. In many cases, water will leak between the fascia boards and the gutters when they are clogged with organic litter and debris.

  • The gutter is visibly loose. A surefire sign your gutters are not in tip-top shape is when part of the system is visibly loose or sagging. If your gutters seem to bow or sag, this usually indicates they need to be reattached with new hardware. Most gutters can last for around 20 years with proper maintenance. If your gutters are reaching the end of this range, it is time to plan for gutter replacement.

  • Gutter screws are loose. A gutter spike that has come completely loose from its hole is one of the biggest giveaways your gutters need attention. Fortunately, loose gutter spikes can easily be seen from the ground and can usually be fixed by hammering them back to place. Also, keep an eye out on rusting hardware. If you see a brown-colored streak from where the gutter spikes are, that means they are rusting and not safe.

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