What Are the Hidden Signs of Storm, Hail and Wind Damage?

What Are the Hidden Signs of Storm, Hail and Wind Damage?

Weather extremes can leave severe damage on your roof and the rest of your property. After a storm hits your area, you must get a professional inspection. Experienced roofing contractors can spot signs of damage that an untrained individual might not even notice.

Hidden Signs of Storm, Hail and Wind Damage

Here are signs of storm, hail and wind damage that are easy to miss.

Wind Damage

Strong winds moving across your roof will put pressure on the corners of the roof and around its perimeter. As a result, weak areas will develop, accelerating the system’s deterioration. Moreover, wind can lift the edges of shingles. Over time, this will cause them to loosen to the point where they peel away from the roof. This type of damage occurs gradually and usually goes unnoticed until it has spread. Once lifted, it will not take long until water infiltrates the shingles and seeps onto the decking beneath, which will inevitably turn into a leak.

Hail Damage

After a hailstorm, you might need roof repairs or even gutter replacement. High-speed and large hailstones can dent flashings or the material protecting the leak-prone areas of your roof. They can also cause blisters on certain roofing materials, such as asphalt shingles. Signs of hail damage can also be present indoors. After a storm, go to your attic, and look for holes and gaps where sunlight is passing through.

Storm Damage

Significant granule loss isn’t something you should take lightly. These granules protect your roof against the harmful effects of the sun. Without them, your roof will look unappealing and even fail early. If you see a significant amount of shingle granules in your gutters or on the ground after a storm, call your roofer immediately. Curling, lifted and loose shingles also require professional attention.

Always be careful of the contractors you hire for your roof or brick repair after a storm. To be safe, it’s always best to work with a local and reputable roofing company. Contact us today to get started!