Why Insurance Doesn’t Cover Roof Wear and Tear

Why Insurance Doesn’t Cover Roof Wear and Tear

A residential roof is a significant investment for any homeowner. While the system is designed to protect your home from severe weather conditions, such as hail and extreme heat, there will come a time when it will deteriorate. Your insurance may cover storm damage roof repair, but it will generally not pay for wear and tear. Expert roofers explain why below.

Roof Wear and Tear

Why Is Wear and Tear Not Covered by Insurance?

It is your responsibility as a homeowner to take care of your home. To that end, insurance policies do not cover damage caused by a lack of maintenance. This means that needed repairs due to wear and tear or a full-on replacement resulting from your roof reaching the end of its serviceable life will not be covered by your insurance.

Your insurance company may also refuse to cover further damage caused by an attempt to perform a repair on your own. If you directly exacerbated the roofing problem, for example, by attempting to fix cracked shingles, instead of calling a professional roofing contractor, your insurance company will not cover the damage.

What Is Normally Covered by Insurance?

Your insurance coverage will vary depending on the situation, such as events caused by an act of nature, like a mature tree falling on your roof due to a brutal storm. When this happens, your insurance company may pay for the cost of repair minus the deductible. It is extremely important that you go over the details of your insurance policy to understand its inclusions and exclusions.

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