Why It’s Important to Know the Age of Your Roof

Why It’s Important to Know the Age of Your Roof

Your roofing system works to keep your home dry and damage-free. But it’s not exempt to the same harsh elements it protects your home from, leading to a number of issues that can compromise its overall performance. As you consult your local roof repair company for a solution, they’ll most likely ask you the age of your system–and it’s essential that you have an answer. The leading roof expert in the area, Columbus, shares why. 

 Age of Your Roof

The Age Helps Determine the Most Appropriate Roofing Solution

Knowing the age of your roofing system not only helps you, but your contractor, as well. The answer gives them a clearer idea on how they’ll deal with the issue. If your roof is still relatively new, for example, it may only need the necessary repairs. But if your system is already nearing the end of its life, a replacement might be the more ideal solution. 

You should know, however, that a roof’s standard lifespan will depend on its material. For example, an architectural shingle roof has a life expectancy of about 25-30 years. If installed and maintained properly by a reliable roofing contractor like Columbus, it’s possible for the system to hit close to that 30-year mark. In most cases, a roof needs a replacement when its age is somewhere around 80-85% of its service life. For architectural shingle roofing, that will be around its 27th year.

How to Determine Your Roof’s Age

It’s simple enough to do. You can, for instance:

  • Check your records. If you’ve had it replaced before, you should have a receipt or invoice that includes the date of the roof installation.
  • Perform a visual inspection. Shingles that are already curled, buckling, cracked, or “bald” can mean that your roof is due for replacement.
  • Schedule a professional roof inspection. It’s the simplest and most accurate way to know your roof’s age. Of course, you’ll need to make sure the expert you’ve hired for the roof checkup is proven experienced and reliable. For many homeowners in the area, that will be Bone Dry Roofing.

Request a Roofing Quote

Once you’ve determined the age of your roof–and whether it needs to be replaced–you should turn to a premier roof replacement company like Columbus for the next step. We offer a wide selection of high-quality replacement roofing systems from one of North America’s top roofing manufacturers, Owens Corning®. With our unmatched options and workmanship, we’ll make sure your home remains safe and free from extensive weather damage. Call us today at 614-602-5912 or fill out this contact form to request a roofing quote.