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Case Study

Roof Replacement – Rubber Roof to Modified Bitumin Install & Replacement in Columbus, OH


This customer had a flat rubber roof that was lifted at the edges which caused the roof decking to be rotted out and leaking inside the home. The installation of the old rubber roof was also installed on top of the siding on the adjoining side wall which potentially could cause additional leaking within the home.


Bone Dry Roofing removed the existing rubber roof to the roof deck and replaced the decking along the gutter line of the home. We then installed a rubberized self adhesive base layer on top of the roof decking and underneath the siding at the sidewall of the home. To complete, we installed a Bitumin layer over the rubberized self adhesive base. Bitumin is a product that is similar to an asphalt shingle but its is a rolled roofing product that is 3' wide, fiberglass reinforced and has colored aggregate on its surface for additional protection, its intent is for flat or low sloped residential roofs.