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Case Study

Roof Repair – Rusty Nail Heads in New Albany Ohio


This ridge vent on the top of this roof in New Albany, Ohio had a number of issues with it. From rusty nail heads to cracks along the edges, this ridge vent needed attention. When shingles start to crack and nail heads begin to rust, its only a matter of time before more signs of aging will be seen on other various spots of the roof.


When our crews make it out to these various roofs, they often encounter minor damages. From small cracks to rusty nail heads, the fixes are simple and very important. Rusty nail heads can be stopped right in their tracks with some simple caulking over the top of it and cracked shingles can be replaced. All of these small fixes can save you big money over the years. Protecting your roof by keeping an eye on it is the best thing you can do and our crews have more than enough experience to help you with that.

Project Summary

Installer: Amado Rivera