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Case Study

Missing Shingles on London Ohio Roof


Due to some bad weather that had hit the area, this roof had felt the affects of the storm and is now missing shingles. Due to the age of the roof, the seal strip on the shingles was not as strong as it once was. When strong weather and winds hit, the roof simply could not hold up to the harshness of the conditions and many shingles were blown off entirely. This can pose a threat to the other layers of the roof, not providing nearly the amount of protection necessary to keep moisture out.


Thankfully our crews see issues like this regularly and are well versed in replacing everything from single shingles to large portions of the roof that may get carried away with a storm. It is always best to have your local neighborhood roofing professional come out to address these issues rather than attempting to address the issues yourself. This can almost always just cause more issues and put the homeowner in harms way, which is never a good idea. So call Bone Dry, we offer free inspections for your peace of mind and will always be around when disaster strikes.