Flat Roof Repair on Commercial Building in Louisville, KY


Bone Dry Roofing was asked to come out and assess this commercial roof. They were having some problems with leaking and thought we could help. Adoon went out there and saw that the roof was in rough shape. There were wrinkles in the flat roof, holes where the gutters should have been and lots of areas that needed to be sealed. No wonder this customer had so many leaks!


First thing we did when we got there, was to repair and patch areas where posts had been removed. Then we repaired the wrinkles in the modified roofing around where the posts had been. Next, we removed a 40’ section of 6” wide roofing near the gutter line. Then we removed the drip edge and damaged trim below it so we could install new Z flashing. We also added 40’ of new gutter apron. We finished up by installing new modified roofing.