Roof Repair – Discoloration of Shingles in Blacklick Ohio


This roof had definitely seen better day. It wasn’t until our roofing specialist was able to make it out to provide one of Bone Dry’s free inspections that it was really discovered what exactly was causing the gross discoloration of these shingles in this oddly streaky fashion. Was it algae, weather, the dirty air, or was it something else entirely?


Our specialists see this happening rather frequently. The issue really lies in the air coming out of the bath vents which are the black boxes that you see on the roof. The air that is coming out of the bath vents is giving constant circulation running down these light colored streaks down this roof which is why it looks so odd and discolored.

Thankfully, Bone Dry provides a roof cleaning service that can actually minimize the appearance of these streaks and make the roof appear newer and give it the curb appeal that it has been lacking for so long in case you are preparing to sell or just need to do some spring cleaning on the outside as well.