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Bone Dry realizes that roof leaks can happen at the most inconvenient and unexpected times and that household budgets can often be ambushed. That’s why we’ve designed financing options that are both easy and sensible.


Taking on a home improvement project can be a daunting task, let alone figuring out how to pay for it. Bringing you peace of mind at all stages of the home improvement project process is what we do best, and this includes offering fixed-rate financing options to suit your needs and budget.
  • 12 MONTHS

    Same As Cash
  • 6 MONTHS

    Same As Cash
  • 120 MONTHS

    9.99% APR*
  • Up to 180 MONTHS

    Also Available!^

Financing Your Bone Dry Roofing Project

Bone Dry Roofing offers stress-free financing options for homeowners. During a consultation, we can discuss with you the financing option designated to fit your specific project.

Bone Dry Roofing’s financing options we designed with you in mind, which means we want your roofing project to go as smoothly as possible, including the expense.

Contact us today to discuss further details and stipulations of the available financing options.

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*$10,000 project, pay $132/mo for 120 months.
^180 month plans available from Dividend and Service Finance only.

Financing FAQ

Q: When I apply for financing, does it do a hard or soft pull on my credit report?
A: It depends. Bone Dry has relationships with various financing partners, including Dividend and Service Finance (primary partners), Foundation Finance (secondary partner), and Fortiva (last-look partner). Dividend is able to determine eligibility with a soft pull of your credit. If you do not qualify with our primary financing partner, a hard pull of your credit is likely needed to determine your eligibility for financing.
Q: What credit bureaus do each of your financing partners use to determine eligibility?
A: Dividend uses Experian and Transunion credit scores (soft pull). Service Finance and Foundation Finance both use Transunion credit scores (hard pull). Fortiva is a revolving credit option, similar to a credit card. NOTE: Dividend financing options are not available in the state of Kentucky.
Q: Do I apply for financing at the time of my appointment?
A: Yes. Your Home Solutions Specialist will inform you of the basics of our financing options, and you will be able to complete a financing application in your home. If you are approved, and agree with the option presented to you, you’ll sign the loan documents on the spot.
Q: What happens if my first application for financing is declined?
A: If your initial financing application is denied, you will be asked to complete an online application so we can determine your eligibility with our secondary financing partners.
Q: Can I finance my project if it is not a roof replacement project?
A: Yes. Financing is available for any of our trades, though some minimums and restrictions apply. Speak to your Home Solutions Specialist during your appointment about financing roof repair, gutters, insulation, or other trades’ projects.