Chimney Repair – Chimney Repair in Carmel, IN


Homeowner contacted Bone Dry Masonry due to a leak in the home. Homeowner requested BDM to come out and inspect the chimney. After a thoroughly inspection of the chimney there were several things that was found. BMD found areas around roofline just above where the leak is showing inside the home that potentially are contributing to the problem. Gaps are opened up between brick in the mortar joints and needs ground out & re-done. Found lots of cracks in the mortar in different places around the house on all sides. Inspected the area over front window, and it appears to be sealed.


BDM suggested doing some chimney repairs that would include. Grinding out and replacing with new mortar approx. 50 joints at gutter line on front side of chimney closets to the road. Also on same chimney, grind & tuck approx. 7 joints on small side facing backyard, right above the flashing. Installing masonry water repellent from gutter-line up to stucco/eifs down just below roofline. Customer is happy, and has a peace of mind with the backing of BDM!