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Before and After Pictures from Indianapolis
Old Decking vs. New Decking in Indianapolis IN

Old Decking vs. New Decking in Indianapolis IN

Before After
Old Decking vs. New Decking in Indianapolis IN Old Decking vs. New Decking in Indianapolis IN

This customer's decking under their shingles was in need of replacement. To make sure that their roof was staying dry and working as good as it should, Bone Dry removed the old deckig and replaced it with brand new decking so there would be no question that their roof is now working the best it can work. 

Black Flashing for Chimney in Indianapolis Indiana

Black Flashing for Chimney in Indianapolis Indiana

Before After
Black Flashing for Chimney in Indianapolis Indiana Black Flashing for Chimney in Indianapolis Indiana

Flashing is supposed to keep moisture from getting into the chimney, the roof, and the plywood decking beneath the shingles on any roof. This flashing that was supposed to be protecting the roof and chimney was long past it's lifespan and unfortunately it had started to damage the underlying layers of the roof. Even more, the brick on the chimney had stayed "wet" for so long that the chimney was right on the cusp of being compromised.

Thankfully it was the Bone Dry Repair Team that came to this homeowners rescue right in time, giving this chimney a completely transformed look and taking care of the moisture leaking in issue. Thanks guys, you did a great job!

Siding Damage as a Result of Roof Leak in Indianapolis Indiana

Siding Damage as a Result of Roof Leak in Indianapolis Indiana

Before After
Siding Damage as a Result of Roof Leak in Indianapolis Indiana Siding Damage as a Result of Roof Leak in Indianapolis Indiana

This homeowner had a leak and thought it was only affecting the roof and the decking beneath it. This is not the case when it has gone ignored and unnoticed for so long. The leak was in the seam of a valley and up against siding, making it difficult to get to. This is why it is so important to have those extra layers of water proofing.

Additional layers are installed to protect the areas that are vulnerable to water so that the damage doesn't start to spread to the surrounding areas, like beneath the siding. Our experts were able to take care of the issue and repair the damaged areas. Looks as good as new! Great Job Guys!!!!!

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Angie's List Super Service Award 2017
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Reviews From Indianapolis
Testimonials From Indianapolis
I had a great experience with Bone Dry...
Testimonial by Brandon J. from Indianapolis, IN
I was most satisfied with how friendly, and accommodating they were.
Testimonial by Lindsay D. from Indianapolis, IN
I am most satisfied with the attention to detail and the manner in which they double check their work.
Testimonial by Randy and Regina B. from Indianapolis, IN

Roof Repairs & Replacements in Indianapolis

Since 1989 Bone Dry Roofing has provided our local customers with quality roofing and gutter products and exceptional experience to update their homes. We love taking care of our customers, and we've been active in collective community maintaining a high BBB rating. We have multiple locations across the Midwest, but we call Indianapolis home in our headquarters.

In Indianapolis We Service:

  • Roof Repair & Replacement
  • Emergency Roof Repair
  • Roof Leak Repair
  • Ridge Vents & Ventilation
  • Wood Rot Repair
  • Hail & Ice Damage & Roof Snow Removal
  • Roof Inspection
  • Roof Cleaning
  • Metal Roofing
  • Commercial Roofing
  • Gutter Cleaning & Installation

Indianapolis Gutter Installation & Gutter Cleaning

Roofing and gutters are often paired together in home services because they both help protect the home against water and work together to do this. Gutters are a great way to get water away from the house, but only if they can work properly.

Bone Dry Roofing cleans gutters that have leaves and debris, and we also install new gutters when needed. We offer you gutter repair, cleaning, and installation to get the water draining properly and off your home. 

Bone Dry Roofing offers free estimates to customers in and around Indianapolis - schedule yours today by contacting us!

Case Studies From Indianapolis
As a result of a springtime hailstorm, this home suffered some damage on its roof and brick chimney.
As a result of normal wear and tear, this home was in need of some repairs. At the left end of the home, the chimney had some minor brick damage,...
As a result of a massive hailstorm in April 2017, this home was partially damaged and in need of care. That storm, however, hit Bone Dry hard as...
Job Stories From Indianapolis, IN
Roof, Gutter, and Insulation Repair in Indianapolis

This home was in dire need of not only a shingle and gutter replacement but also new insulation. There were holes in the attic causing the insulation to become wet and molded. Therefore, our crews not only replaced 24 squares worth of shingles and half their gutters but also bags worth of insulation. We also installed ice and water shield underneath the shingle to prevent further leakage. As a result, their attic is now leak free, insulated, and protected.

Roof, Gutter, and Insulation Repair in Indianapolis - Photo 1
Older Hail-damaged Roof Repaired in Indianapolis

Much of this customer's roof had been damaged by a hailstorm and was also shedding asphalt from age. This is why the majority of it had to be replaced. Our crews replaced 66 squares worth of shingles, 10 ft of wall flashing, the drip edge, the gutters, and the brick chimney. We also repainted the trim boards with a color the customer already had. Much of this repair could have been worse if the customer would have waited any longer.

For Indianapolis Indiana Roof Flashing Makes All The Difference

There are a handful of primary causes of roof leaks, and our guys see all of them regularly. This particular roof leak job was no different. This happens all the time, and it is such a simple fix that if homeowners could pay closer attention to their roof on a more regular basis it would be avoided. That's also why Bone dry offers to help with the inspections with our annual maintenance plan. 

This homeowner called Bone Dry for one of our free inspections and specified that they had had small water spots on their ceiling, but they did not think that it was necessarily a roof leak problem yet. Sure enough, our specialists found one of the most commonly seen issues that cause leaks at probably the most common spot.

Upon inspection it was noted that the flashing surrounding the chimney virtually had no seal around it because of the weathering that had taken place over the years. And when this seal became nonexistent - so did the ability of the flashing to keep leaking moisture out of the layers beneath. 

Thankfully, our specialists see this issue regularly and are all very skilled flashing installers. They were able to cut a custom piece of metal to fit perfectly around this chimney and seal it accordingly and adequately to ensure that this issue would not continue to happen as long as the caulking was maintained because that is the seal that is keeping all of the moisture out, and that makes all the difference. Maintaining the small details of an efficient roofing system can make all the difference and save lots of dollars down the road. 


Great job guys!

Tree Damage Calls for an Entirely Redecked Rear Slope - Storm Damage Roof Replacement in Indianapolis

At Bone Dry Roofing, we get our crews called out to job sites for just about every reason under the sun and they are all unique and they each require our crews to appropriately address the problem, potentially work with insurance companies for homeowners, and fix whatever the damage is as quickly and efficiently as possible to ensure that the homeowner has a roof over their head that functions far more efficiently than before. Of all of the things that can happen to a roof, a large tree falling and causing damage is no easily fixed job, and after 94 man hours and an entirely redone back slope later, there is no trace of the fallen tree that damaged decking beyond salvage and even split entire rafters. 

Nonethe less our crews were up for the challenge, and they were able to work with insurance to the best of their ability and provide peace of mind for the homeowner. Not only was the underlying decking in bad shape due to old age, but the rafters were also looking damaged due to years of moisture getting down into the wood. Ater inspection our crews were able to not only replace the rafters and the damaged over hang of the roof but also install new decking in the damaged area and put new shingles on! 

A roof repair is a very serious and important thing to address and our experts vow to be there to help every step of the way!

Tree Damage Calls for an Entirely Redecked Rear Slope - Storm Damage Roof Replacement in Indianapolis - Photo 1
Going above and beyond to exceed homeowners expectations - Indianapolis Roof Replacement

As a contracting and roofing company, our crews and teams come across all types of situations that require very unique and specified procedure that do not necessarily happen with every job. 

Here is a recent instance where a customer had a beautiful home and a beautiful pool in the back yard, so Gene Judd, the president and minds behind all of the operations at Bone Dry, who always makes his way out to a job site, constructed a plan to not only protect this pool but also protect the landscaping around the pool. 

Tip-toeing around the pool is one way to "hope" that nothing happens to it, but constructing a frame out of saw horses and ladders around the pool with plywood on top for the extra layer of protection is completely ensuring that Bone Dry did everything in our power to make sure this customer had peace of mind in their roof investment and also in their yard investment!

Work Requests From Indianapolis, IN
Vicinity of Cole Wood Blvd in Indianapolis
Roof leaks when it snows or ice builds up , house faces north and doesn't melt enough or fast enough to prevent leaks
Vicinity of Echo Crest East Dr in Indianapolis
Would like roof and gutters evaluated to see if there is any work needed on a home we recently purchased. Also would like to see if anything could be filed with insurance. We know there is rotted fascia and soffit in areas around the roof.
Vicinity of Winthrop Ave in Indianapolis
Need roof replacement with gutter replacement and leak repair around chimney
Vicinity of Rowin Rd in Indianapolis
Some edges of my roof are damaged and rotting, mostly the east side of the house. There are a few spots like that on the north and south side as well. There is also some rotting fascia board in a variety of areas on the house that need repaired. Thanks
Vicinity of Pin Oak Drive in Indianapolis
Hail Damage!
Vicinity of N Jefferson in Indianapolis
Need a quote for gutters on a two story double
Vicinity of Tuscarora Lane in Indianapolis
Need estimate on roof repair/replacement
Vicinity of Ray Circle in Indianapolis
We had an inspection completed because we are selling our home. Looking for an estimate on our roof to repair a section that has possible hail damage.
Vicinity of Tecumseh St in Indianapolis
Have possible hail damage. Looking for estimate on roof shingle repairs and replacement of back porch roof with metal roof.
Vicinity of S Worth Ave in Indianapolis
I replaced rafters and decking on my garage. I already laid down the black paper, I just need shingles put on.
Vicinity of Oceanline Dr in Indianapolis
I would like to have the front of my roof inspected might have a leak
Vicinity of FIELDS BLVD in Indianapolis
Hello, I would like to get an estimate to replace the damaged trim on the exterior of my home. There are 3 areas that need to be replaced. I would also like an estimate for caulking / painting just the second floor exterior trim as well as an estimate to caulk / paint all of the exterior trim.
Vicinity of East Washington in Indianapolis
Need soffit repair / clean up at property listed.
Vicinity of Clemson Street in Indianapolis
We are putting our house on the market for sale, but have spent just about all our staging budget on other projects, so would not have funds for entire roof replacement. We need just enough minimal roof repair to pass inspection and prevent a roof issue from preventing a sale. Can you help? Thanks!
Vicinity of N Pennsylvania St in Indianapolis
Need an estimate on new garage roof
Vicinity of in Indianapolis
There is mildew growing on the roof shingles, is this something your company can remedy?
Vicinity of Leo Dr in Indianapolis
Storm damage to roof missing shingles mostly in back, 50 are more just need estimate
Vicinity of N Pennsylvania St in Indianapolis
I am flipping a property in Herron Morton near Downtown Indianapolis. We will need a new roof and likely want to replace the siding. Will be out there Friday and looking to have a quote done then.
Vicinity of , Vine Maple Way in Indianapolis
Gutter cleaning and repair
Vicinity of Glebe Circle in Indianapolis
I sustained wind damage to my roof a couple of weeks ago when we had high winds in the area. I am missing many shingles and my roof is now leaking in my living room.
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