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Chimney Siding Repair In Eaton Indiana

This chimney in Eaton, Indiana was in a world of hurt. Unfortunately the area where the roof meets the siding on the house had been inadequately protected and over time moisture was leaking inside, causing the wood to rot away beneath the surface without the homeowner even knowing! The wood had gotten so rotted over time that the siding around the chimney needed to be replaced and both sides of the chimney that touched the roof needed to be torn off and replaced to ensure that there wouldn’t be any further problems with this in the future.

Our crews were happy to be able to go out and provide peace of mind to this customer that had been having roof leak issues for a very long time and have had other contractors come out to repair the problem, but were never really able to get to the bottom of the issue. Thankfully our experts here at Bone Dry were able to address the issue and ensure that this problem will no longer be a recurring issue for this new member of the Bone Dry Family!

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Synthetic Felt Upgrade in Sunman, IN

This homeowner decided to go with the upgrade Bone Dry offered and chose to add synthetic felt onto their roof. Synthetic Felt is laid over the decking on the roof and under the shingles, and is a way to lock up any excess moisture that may get to it. This is a barrier so that the water doesn’t go straight to the decking, and cause rotting and water damage, which then means getting that decking replaced. In the long run, synthetic felt can save you a lot of money.

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Chimney & Roof Repair in Hamilton, OH

This customer had horrible damage to their chimney on their roof. Underneath the side paneling, they discovered ruined decking that was rotted and had caused water damage to spread around the chimney. Upon repairing the chimney, the Bone Dry repair team made sure to make sure it wouldn’t have to suffer from water damage again.

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