This is Why You Need A Chimney Cap


Chimney caps are protective coverings for chimneys, usually made of stainless steel, galvanized or copper. Most chimney caps have a mesh screening that serves the dual purpose of spark arrestor and barrier against animals. Chimney caps also prevent rain from entering the flue of the chimney. To see a good example of why you should have a properly functioning chimney cap, watch the YouTube video provided by Shirley Brown.

Other Intruders

In addition to birds, squirrels, raccoons, chipmunks and other small animals love to find protected areas in which to live and raise their young, meaning your chimney. These animals can block the flue, carry disease and even enter your home and harm you, your family, pets and/or ruin or destroy your household items.

Moisture, snow and rain can also cause significant damage to your chimney. It’s important that your chimney is properly sealed to prevent damage that will expose your home to potentially devastating effects.

Keep the Fire INSIDE of Your Chimney

Each year in the US, thousands of fires are started by burning embers that rise up the flue, exit through the uncapped chimney, and then land on the roof or yard. Containing these embers with a properly installed chimney cap from Bone Dry Masonry can give your home the proper protection.

Bone Dry Chimney Covers

We recommend replacing damaged metal covers with new, stainless steel units that shed water and provide a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty against rust and corrosion. Call Bone Dry Masonry today 317-489-6400 or 877-BONE-DRY, or fill out arequest for a free estimate.