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We Turn Roofs into Roads; What’s YOUR Superpower?

Each year, up to 10 million tons of recyclable shingles are removed from the roofs of U.S. homes and buildings. When you choose Bone Dry Roofing, Inc., not only do your old shingles not end up in a landfill; they get re-purposed as pavement!

Shingles account for approximately 5% of all building-related waste. We're able to take your old shingles to the nearest recycling center, rather than the landfill. At the recycling center, the shingles are re-purposed into hot-mix asphalt.

With over 2 million miles of paved roads in the US, and 95% of them paved with asphalt, your old shingles will be put to excellent use. By participating in shingle recycling, Bone Dry ensures that your roofing project will have less of an environmental impact.

Are you ready to replace your roof? Give us a call, or fill out a request for a free estimate!