4 Worry-Free Maintenance Tips for Metal Roofing

4 Worry-Free Maintenance Tips for Metal Roofing

Metal remains a popular roofing option among Missouri homeowners today–and with good reason! It comes with a sleek design and offers reliable weather performance. In fact, a metal roofing system can deliver exceptional weather protection for up to 50 years–but only with the right amount of care and maintenance. Bone Dry Roofing, the trusted roof repair and maintenance company in the area, shares how you can keep your metal roof in tip-top shape all year round.

Metal Roofing
  1. Watch out for roof debris. It’s generally a good idea to clear out any debris, such as branches and leaves, from any roof type. But this is particularly important in homes that have a metal roof. Its sleek surface means any debris is swept right off the surface when it’s rainy or windy out. However, not all debris will fall harmlessly to the ground–some of them get stuck in the gutters, leading to congestion and leaks when overlooked. For this reason, you should try to keep the surface of your metal roof, and the gutters, free of any debris.

  2. Trim any overhanging branches. One way to avoid roof debris accumulation on your metal roof is to cut back any trees that are too close to the system. Doing so also helps prevent any roof damage resulting from tree limbs crashing, or scratching, against the system during a major weather event.

  3. Have your metal roof inspected regularly. This is especially crucial following a storm. Your metal roof may appear intact, but the only way to confirm its condition is to have a reliable roofing contractor like Bone Dry Roofing perform a thorough storm damage assessment. By catching any unobtrusive signs of damage–and dealing with them before they worsen–we can help extend the life of your metal roof and retain its good performance.

  4. Sign up for a comprehensive roof maintenance plan. You can make metal roof care easier by considering a roof maintenance program from Bone Dry Roofing. This includes scheduled roof inspections throughout the year that determine the overall condition of your roof, plus recommendations for any prompt repairs. Our roof maintenance program also takes your available budget into account, allowing for better flexibility and convenience as we address critical issues of roof integrity and ongoing performance.

Aside from quality roof replacement, Bone Dry Roofing can also handle your metal roof maintenance needs. With our top-tier solutions, we’ll make sure you get the most of its service life and performance. Call 877-BONE-DRY or fill out our contact form to schedule an appointment.