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Case Study

Flashing Replacement


This customer had severe water damage inside home from around both chimneys. As our salesman inspected around the chimney he quickly noticed both chimney's step flashing was not married to the masonry. This was causing water to seap in between the masonry and flashing and drip down into home during heavy rain. There was also some rotting with the wood decking near the chimney, which was detected by roof caving in a small amount when pressure was applied. The masonry would progressively worsen if the flashing was not replaced.


Our production came in and ripped the old flashing up and immedatley confirmed the rotten wood decking on the north side chimney . The decking was replaced and new ice and water shield was layed to cover the crack in between the roof and our masonry. The step flashing was then placed over the ice and water shield for another layer of protection. Production finished with laying counter flashing and shings along the side of the chimney. The multiple layers of flashing we install on chimneys guarantee protection from water seeping into the masonry and into the home.