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Case Study

Full Chimney Rebuild Indianapolis, IN


Constance, in Indianapolis, Indiana, was having some problems with her chimney. There were several pieces of brick that were cracking and coming loose. The brick line was very uneven, and the crown was crumbling. She needed some help, so she found the experts Bone Dry Masonry!


We sent our Sales Rep, Nathan, out to assess the damage. In his estimate, he called for a total rebuild! Jesse and his team went out to get this taken care of. They demo’d 1,152 bricks, and built up all new ones- this time they were nice and straight. The next step was to pour a brand new concrete crown with a drip edge, and then we started the installation of two stainless steel rain caps on top. With some flashing, and water repellent for a tight seal, this brand new, beautiful chimney was ready to go! Happy to be of service to our customers!