Carmel Chimney Repair


This customer was concerned about some water damage inside their home that was gradually worsening. As our Masonry Specialist inspected the chimney he noticed some serious indicators that the chimney was going to need to be repaired. He immediately noticed the format of the crown and top corbel. The bell shape corbel design of the chimney was causing rain, snow, or ice to hit every course of brick as it dripped down or froze. This was causing water to work its way into the brick creating the cracks in the mortar, the spalling on the brick, and the cracked joints. Our masonry specialist knew that because the exterior of the chimney was looking like this, the interior of the chimney would also have some damages as well.


Bone Dry demolished the crown as well as the top 15 courses of brick and rebuilt these with a step out corbel near the crown. We poured a new Concrete Crown with Drip Edge which would keep the water/ice from running down and causing more damage to the brick. We grounded out old joints and tuck pointed as well as replacing several cracked bricks. We finished the chimney with a water repellent that would continue to protect the brick from further damage.