Fishers, IN Chimney Rebuild Project


Homeowner contacted Bone Dry Masonry after finding water marks on the inside of their home. BDM went out and did a thorough inspection of the chimney. We noticed that the chimney had some previous repairs by the means of caulking to mortar joints. A water test was then performed. We started on the shingles for approx 2 min and then moved up on to the counter flashing for an additional 2 mins with no water showing. Moved up on to the stone approx 1-2 feet above the counter flashing. After about 3-4 minutes a line of water started running down the interior wall. We stopped at this point so we did not cause any further damage.


BDM’s inspectors suggested a rebuild of the chimney from the roofline up. We would professionally install stone and mortar back to original height, along with installing a new stainless steel chimney cap w /drip edge rain cap & storm collar. This will all be giving the homeowner a brand new chimney, but with the same classic look!