Replacing Wood Rot Damage on Single Slope Roof In Indianapolis Indiana


Over time, this single slope had felt the effect of leaking moisture on various parts of the roof. Leaking moisture due to years of wear and tear had caused wood rot in the underlying areas. The cost of an entire roof replacement, when only this single slope had been majorly affected, seemed unnecessary – so our crews were happy to accommodate in any way we could.


Our roofing specialists and experts decided to only tear off that single slope. Once the underlying layers had been exposed, they would determine if further inspection needed to be done on other spots through out the roofs. The issue ended up being very standard in that the leaks were at the usual places that often have more moisture exposure than other parts. Our crews were able to replace those places of wood rot with new 1×6 decking to ensure no more damage to any underlying layers would occur.

Project Summary

Project Supervisor: Carlos Jose