Installing Drip Edge in Carmel Indiana


When this new roof was being installed in Carmel, Indiana, it didn’t get a drip edge. The drip edge is technically an extra option that any homeowner can elect not to have installed. Here at Bone Dry Roofing, we are professionally experienced enough and have seen this story many times to know that the homeowner will regret not having one. The drip edge is exactly what it sounds like, it protects the decking from water dripping beneath the shingles and causing the wood to rot. That had actually started for this unlucky homeowner. Luckily, our crews were able to get to it just before it got too bad.


Our crew had to tear up all of the shingles along the rakes and gable ends on this roof to check the decking that was beneath for possible bad decking. Once it had been determined that there were only a couple of areas of bad decking, they were cut out and replaced with new plywood so that the leaking moisture would not spread to other parts of the roof. After that, our repair team installed ice and water shield to add that extra layer of protection and followed that up with installing the missing puzzle piece, the drip edge, on top of the ice and water shield. That was followed up with new shingles on top and it was now better than before with the new drip edge. Great job guys, this homeowner was lucky to have you come in and save the day!

Project Summary

Installer: Carlos Jose