Bone Dry Roofing – Roof Replacement Case Studies – Page 2

Total Case Studies: 42
Damaged shingles and decking repaired in Columbus
6 tabs of shingles were damaged which caused the decking underneath to have to be replaced.

New Roof Installed for a Columbus Home
This roof on this Columbus home was old, leaky, and needed to be replaced. We sent out a trained specialist to inspect the whole area and write up a detailed estimate for…

New Garage Roof Installed in Dublin, OH
This customer wanted to find a trustworthy and thoroughly qualified business to complete her garage roof.

Owens Corning Roof Installed in Columbus, Ohio
A customer needed a new roof. Their roof wasn’t too old but had several leaks and a lot of missing, broken shingles.

New Owens Corning Roof
The roof on this Columbus home needed to be replaced.

Shingle Removal on Columbus Home
Tearing off old roof so a new Owens Corning Roofing system can be installed.

Synthetic Felt Being Installed
Once the shingles are removed the installers have to install Ice and water shield and synthetic felt to roof.

Replacement of Roof in Columbus
This home in Columbus, Ohio was old, leaky, and needed replaced.

New Owens Corning Roof Columbus Ohio
Removing and installing new roof in Columbus, Ohio

RidgeVent Installation
Installing a new ridgevent while installing a new Owens Corning Roof.

New Bath Vents
The bath vents on this roof were letting water in and needed replaced.

Bad Boards Under Shingles
This homeowner is having a new roof installed, but before we can do that we inspect the decking. The had some boards with holes that need replaced.

Small Bath Vent Installed
The homeowner needed a bath vent installed on their home.