HVAC Installation - Indianapolis, Indiana

Installing a new furnace or AC is a job for a professional. Bone Dry Heating & Cooling’s HVAC experts recommend the right product and ensure proper installation! Call 317-454-7412.

HVAC Installation Requires Training and Certification

There is a time to do-it-yourself and a time to trust a true professional! Installing a new furnace, air conditioner, or ductless heat pump is one of those times to trust a certified HVAC contractor.

When you hire us to install a new furnace or AC, you can enjoy the peace of mind knowing that we have the following items under control and are prepared to handle any issue that may arise.

  • Sizing Issues: Most homeowners assume that their old furnace was the correct size for their home. However, contractors find that old furnaces and air conditioners and heat pumps are often over-sized and sometimes under-sized for the heating and cooling needs of the home.
  • Gas Leaks: Attaching the new furnace to the gas line is easier said than done. Properly attaching the furnace to the gas line requires care to avoid a dangerous gas leak.
  • Carbon Monoxide: When a furnace or heat pump is installed improperly, the potential for carbon monoxide leaks increase dramatically. This can happen when the furnace flue is not installed properly.
  • Leaky Ductwork: Typical homes experience up to 30% loss of heating due to leaky ductwork. When we assess your home we will identify leaks and other issues that may affect your home comfort.
  • Furnace Won’t Work: If you don’t install the furnace correctly, it may not run. This is true for the Air Conditioner as well. There could be many possibilities including duct sizing, flue installation, control wiring, that will affect operation. A heating contractor will make sure it is running correctly by performing a proper start up and test procedure.

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