AC Maintenance - Furnace Maintenance - Indianapolis, Indiana

Your furnace and air conditioner need regular maintenance to operate efficiently. It’s never too late to get a tune up for your equipment!

We Only Hire All-Stars, and our Tune-Ups are a Slam Dunk!

There are two important things every home owner needs to do to ensure the best efficiency of their heating and cooling equipment.  These two things will not only help your equipment run at peak potential, they will help extend the life of your equipment and ensure your home safety.

  1. The first is to regularly change the air filter on the furnace, heat pump and air conditioner. The frequency required will depend on the quality of the air filter and factors like how many people live in your home, whether you have pets and if anyone suffers from allergies or asthma.
  2. Second most important thing is to schedule an annual tune-up for your Air Conditioner or Furnace.

Dirt and Neglect are the top reasons for heating and cooling equipment failure. Your furnace has many components that can affect the health and safety of you and your loved ones. A tune up brings true peace of mind as we inspect and test every aspect of the furnace allowing us to detect small problems before they become BIG problems.

All Star Tune-Ups From an All Star Team
Unlike the competition, we have 5 dedicated NATE certified service technicians who are at the ready to care for you heating and cooling equipment. Our tune ups consist of more than a visual peek of your equipment and changing of your air filters.

Detect small problems before they become big problems. The tune-ups are comprehensive and precise. For example, our techs have a detailed punch-list that they follow ensuring the proper testing and cleaning of all the important components. Choose your program:




$191/YEAR Includes: Priority scheduling, Two semi-annual tune-ups, 5% Discount on repairs, One year warranty on repairs


$284/YEAR Includes: Higher priority scheduling, Guaranteed appointment within 48-hours, Two semi-annual tune-ups, 10% Discount on repairs, Three year warranty on repairs


$371/YEAR Includes: Front of line scheduling, Guaranteed appointments within 24-hours, Two semi-annual system rejuvenations, 15% discount on repairs, and Five year warranty on repairs

Benefits of a Precision Tune Up

  1. Extend the life of your equipment
  2. Promote health cleaner air
  3. Lower utility bills
  4. Prevents unexpected failures
  5. Improved efficiency
  6. Reduce running time
  7. Fewer repairs – prevent expensive and inconvenient breakdowns

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

  • Your technician will be professional, uniformed and qualified to work on your equipment.
  • We will take extraordinary care in your home.
  • We will provide you with a written quote for repairs before we star any work.
  • Our technicians will follow a stringent quality assurance task list to ensure a complete and thorough service each and every time.

Discover the Bone Dry Heating and Cooling Difference. Stay a step ahead of the season and schedule your maintenance tune up for you AC, Furnace or Heat Pump.

We service the entire Indianapolis, Indiana area. Call on us today and we’ll get one of our expert technicians on their way to you! Schedule HVAC Maintenance or call today: 317-454-7412