Brick Matching and Staining

The art of brick matching and staining is best left to the experts at Bone Dry Masonry! 

Certified by Masonry Cosmetics

Whether you’re wanting to change the look of your brick, match an addition to your existing structure, or need a complete brick or masonry restoration, the solution may be brick matching and staining. Bone Dry Masonry is proud to be certified by Masonry Cosmetics in the art of brick matching and brick staining. 

This scientifically-backed and proven masonry staining system uses a slurry of mineral oxide pigments (what’s used in the manufacturing of brick), a proprietary bonding agent, and an environmentally-safe carrier that, when applied to the brick, absorbs and permanently bonds with the brick. Brick staining solutions with the Masonry Cosmetics Certified technicians at Bone Dry Masonry are permanent, without sacrificing the durability of the brick in the process!

Brick Matching and Brick Staining Services

  • Color Match and Resolution

    Rather than tearing down something that doesn't match, call Bone Dry masonry for a free inspection to determine if your brick could be stained using a scientifically-backed method.

  • Additions

    If your masonry is absorbent, Bone Dry Masonry can stain your addition to match the existing structure! We can also color enhance the existing brick to match the new structure.

  • Makeovers

    Don’t paint - call us! Bone Dry Masonry can update your outdated brick for a more modern look.

  • Repairs

    Damage to your brick covered by insurance? Graffiti issue? Power wash damage? Things like this don’t need to be an eyesore forever. The stain will color-correct any repairs made. It will be as if there was no damage at all!

  • Restorations

    If your project involves restoring a historic building to its former glory, you may consider brick staining instead of costly and time-consuming brick removal and replacement.

Brick Matching and Staining


These Before and After photos demonstrate the capabilities of brick matching and brick staining.







Brick Matching and Brick Staining FAQ

What does it mean to be certified by Masonry Cosmetics?

Certification through Masonry Cosmetics means Bone Dry Masonry meets their requirements for training and application of the proprietary product offering. 

What is brick staining?

Brick staining is the process of applying a slurry to your brick to alter its color. Our Masonry Cosmetics certified team will be able to match your existing brick color, or completely transform the look of your masonry without sacrificing the durability of the brick. The brick stain absorbs into and becomes a permanent part of the brick.

How do I know if my brick is a candidate for staining?

You need to know if your masonry is absorbent and porous. Take some water and pour it onto your masonry. If the masonry darkens when it gets wet, it’s absorbent, and likely a good candidate for staining. We’re happy to provide you with a free inspection and estimate!

Will brick staining last a long time?

Yes, potentially over 20+ years! This is another reason it is important to work with a contractor who is certified in brick staining and matching. Proper application will ensure your project lasts as long as it should.

Can I paint my brick?

While you may be tempted to grab a can of paint to change the look of your brick, it is not advised. Brick is porous, and once it’s painted, it loses that porosity. By painting over the brick, you are trapping moisture in the masonry, which can destroy the structural integrity and cause mold.

Paint also requires more maintenance than stain. Furthermore, it may decrease the value of your home if you compromise the brick by applying paint to it. 

Free Estimates for Brick Matching and Brick Staining

Change the look of your existing brick or restore your masonry to its original beauty with brick staining and matching services by Bone Dry Masonry. Get a free estimate today by calling us at 317-489-6400 or request an appointment online.

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