Fascia and Soffit Repair

While every homeowner knows the importance of maintaining roofs and gutters, far too many forget about the role soffits, fascia, and trim play in the integrity of their home’s exterior.

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While every homeowner knows the importance of maintaining roofs and gutters, far too many forget about the role soffits, fascia, and trim play in the integrity of their home’s exterior. 

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Soffit installation and repair

Soffits are located beneath your eaves, which lean over the roof edge and play a critical role in your roofing system. A proper soffit venting system helps to evenly distribute airflow throughout the roof space, which in turn helps to extend the life of your roof. 

Soffits can be vulnerable to weather and water damage. Since they are located at the roof edge, beneath the gutters, a leak or overflow in the gutter can cause wood rot in the soffit. Animals may also choose to nest in soffits potentially causing even more damage.

Bone Dry Roofing Exterior division installs soffits designed to not just look appealing, but also actively withstand many of the challenges that cripple lesser systems, ensuring proper ventilation of your home’s exterior system. Our soffits are available in a variety of different materials to make sure they are not just functional but also align with the aesthetics of your home. 

Our team works on and install all soffit material types – whatever makes the most sense for your home and needs!

  • LP® SmartSide® Engineered Wood
  • Vinyl
  • Aluminum
  • Wood

If your soffits are in disrepair, the Bone Dry Roofing Exteriors team also offer comprehensive repair services to ensure they’re in optimal working order.

Quality Fascia Replacement and Repair

Fascia are long boards running along the line of your roof that support the gutters. Fascia are active players in your gutter system and it is key they are well maintained. If your fascia boards start to fall apart, you could end up with a detached gutter system, which can bring a multitude of problems. Most notably, a detached gutter system can cause water damage to your home. 

Due to the importance of fascia it is key that you are aware of any problems that might crop up, know a talented team capable of replacing them if there is damage, and have them properly installed in the first place.

Luckily Bone Dry Roofing offers the quality repair, replacement, and installation services that you need. We work with a variety of different materials and are prepared to repair any kind of fascia problem.


Trim is another important part of any home and refers to those sections of finish material applied around openings, exterior doors, siding, vents, and other areas of the exterior. Trim is often made from wood but other materials can also be used. This material plays a major role in providing your home with a finished look. 

Bone Dry Roofing’s Exteriors division offers trim installation and repair. We work on a variety of trim types and have experience with various installation techniques and profiles to give your home a high quality look. 

  • LP® SmartSide®
  • Ply-Gem®
  • Versatex® (PVC)
  • Boral
  • DAK
  • Spruce
  • Cedar


In some cases, the trim on your home may require additional protection from cold or other hazards, which is where aluminum wraps come in. Aluminum wraps are a type of trim capping that serves to protect your trim and both prevent weather damage and the need for frequent maintenance. Aluminum wraps offer a form of trim capping where a synthetic material, in this case aluminum, is fit to your trim and put on top. This serves to protect the trim from the elements and makes maintenance far easier. Bone Dry Roofing can apply this aluminum wrap to keep your trim safe and maintenance free.

Aluminum wraps also prevent wood rot caused by water damage and help provide for a lower maintenance home.


If you need fascia, soffits, trim, or aluminum wraps installed, look no further than Bone Dry Roofing and our specialized Exteriors team. With a well-deserved reputation for excellence, you can count on us to address any concerns you have with the exterior integrity of your home.

Unsure if your soffits, fascia, or trim need attention? We offer free estimates for all services! Give us a call at 317-873-6005 or submit an online form. We look forward to assisting you!

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