Spring Home Maintenance Checklist for 2021

Spring Home Maintenance Checklist for 2021

The days are getting longer, the temperatures are getting warmer — hello, Spring! This is the ideal time to keep your house in tip-top shape, from simple roof repair to backyard cleaning. Cross off your to-do list before summer officially starts with this home maintenance checklist for 2021.

Spring Home Maintenance

Maintaining Your Home Exterior

  1. Inspect the concrete. Is there cracking on the concrete of the driveway, pathways or pool deck? You can easily fill in these cracks with silicone caulk or concrete filler.

  2. Give the deck attention. Check the deck for discoloration, warping, rust stains and loose nails. Make sure all the boards, railings and stairs are secured.

  3. Examine doors and windows. Look for cracks around doors and window openings. Patch them up as soon as possible to keep moisture from affecting the materials and insects from crawling in.

  4. Clean out the gutters. It is important to take good care of your gutters and downspouts. If they are sagging or breaking apart, reattach them or replace them with new hardware. Caulking can also be used to seal holes and ward off leakage.

  5. Check the roof. After the onslaught of snow and ice, your roof needs to be assessed to make sure it is in good condition. Inspect the roof from the ground up. If you see any signs of curling, buckling or missing shingles, call in a roofing contractor pronto.

Maintaining Your Home Interior

  1. Inspect the attic and basement. Be sure to check the walls and floors for mold growth and water stains. Keep the moisture regulated to get rid of these serious problems.

  2. Clean the air conditioner. As the warmer weather season closes in, make sure your air conditioning unit is functioning properly to avoid encountering discomfort in the next few months.

  3. Consider upgrades. Spring is the perfect time to evaluate the condition of your appliances, lighting fixtures and other essential items. If it is time for an upgrade, consider options that are energy-efficient to reduce your monthly utility bills.

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