What Happens When You Ignore Ponding

What Happens When You Ignore Ponding

Does your home or commercial property have a flat roof? If so, then you have to understand that it has a unique issue that has to be addressed ASAP: pondering. This happens when water ends up stagnating on the roof instead of flowing straight down drain holes. What happens if you don’t address this issue right away? Find out from the leading roofing contractor in the area.

 Ignore Ponding

Moss and Mold

Moss and mold spores like damp places, and ponding water serves as a perfect breeding ground for those. Aside from creating unsightly patches of dirt on a roof’s surface, it also attracts insects and other creatures that might feed on moss and mold. Worst case scenario, these growths can produce airborne spores that can also cause growths in other areas of the home.

Moisture Damage

Your property’s flat roof may be waterproof, but long exposures to moisture can still have some effect on its overall durability. According to roof replacement experts, this is even more of an issue if there are small gaps along the flat roof’s seams since the water has enough time to penetrate through those small gaps and cause moisture damage in the walls and other non-waterproof parts of the home.


This one mostly happens on membrane roofing. While the top surface of the membrane is water resistant, the bottom layer could end up absorbing some moisture. When the weather warms up, the water trapped under the surface can create “pockets” as it evaporates, creating warps or small bumps that can affect the performance of your roof and make it more prone to ponding.

Seeking Professional Help

Because trying to fix a flat roof on your own is both risky and highly ineffective, experts suggest getting help from roof repair experts. This not only helps speed up the repair process, but also ensures that your roof is covered by product or service warranties in case another problem comes up due to roof repair mistakes.

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