With Spring Comes Roofing Scams


A CBS News affiliate recently reported on several roofing scams throughout the Midwest that you should be aware of. As you probably know, in early March of this year, many states across the Midwest and southern regions of the US got hit with severe thunderstorms, hail, and even tornadoes.

Unfortunately, strong winds and hail caused damage to the roofs, gutters, and siding of many homes. Our roofing company was out in our red trucks in full-force helping homeowners and business owners fix the damage that the storms had caused. With that said, we are probably not the only roofers in your town. Though it’s important to explore your options, you should also be very careful about who you hire; and that goes with hiring any company to come to your home.

One resident, Ashley Dutton, reported to CBS News that the hail in her neighborhood wasn’t big enough to cause any damage to her home. But that didn’t stop 3 guys in a car from knocking on Dutton’s door selling their roof repair services. The company told Dutton that they were Better Business Bureau accredited. However, the news station did some fact-finding and discovered that they not only were not BBB accredited, but were not even licensed in her town.


In fact, many of these companies are not companies at all. If you research addresses from contracts, you may find that the address takes you to an empty lot or UPS box. These so-called roofing companies have no machinery, no supplies, and no crews. What they do is sub-contract the job out to a group of loosely formed people where we don’t know what type of experience they have. While this practice is perfectly legal, as the consumer, you should still beware of what you are getting into.

You can call the BBB and even use the internet to do more research. Bone Dry Roofing, Inc. has built its reputation of being a household name and respected contracting company since 1989. We are BBB Accredited (see here) and also listed on Angie’s List. We have 11 physical locations across the Midwest and you can stop by or call us any time.