Cool Down Your Roof This Summer

Cool Down Your Roof This Summer


Looking for ways to increase indoor comfort this summer? The following are a few roof maintenance tasks that can reduce the temperature of your roof and entire building and increase energy efficiency.

Commercial Coatings

Roofing materials absorb heat. Many commercial roofs use a coating material to reflect heat back and prevent it from absorbing into the building. These coatings require expert technicians for proper installation but are an excellent investment in your commercial building.

Routine Cleaning

Many commercial buildings already have reflective coatings. If that’s the case, a simple cleaning can dramatically reduce the temperature of your roof and building. Ask a roofing contractor to determine whether your roof includes a coating and how you can safely remove any dirt and buildup. A sloped ceiling can be dangerous to clean properly, so ask for an estimate from a professional service provider. 

Additional Insulation

Commercial and residential homes require attic insulation to prevent a hot roof from heating up the interior of the building. Unfortunately, some buildings are improperly insulated. Inspect your attic area to determine whether you need additional insulation or an insulation replacement service.

If you are considering installing new insulation, be sure to check for water damage on the existing insulation. Water damage can compromise the insulation and cause mold growth. Consider having your roof inspected by the professionals before proceeding on any insulation work.  

Work with a Professional

At Bone Dry Roofing, you can enjoy straightforward estimates for new roofing materials, roof repairs, and renovation services. Call 317-214-0360 or email us today to learn more about your insulation and heat prevention strategies to reduce your utility bills and enjoy comfortable indoor temperatures all summer long for you and your customers.