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Patio Design & Installation

Make your backyard even better with a custom-built patio

Beauty & performance. Choose from a wide variety of paving options to create a patio that looks great and will provide years of trouble-free service.

Adding a patio to your house can have a big impact on family fun as well as on home value. Like a deck, a patio effectively extends your home's living space, enabling you to enjoy the outdoors easily and conveniently.

Any improvement made to your home is worth doing right. That's why you'll want to work with Bone Dry Masonry to create the patio of your dreams. We appreciate the enjoyment and value you want to bring to your home, and we've got the design and construction experience to accomplish that for you. 

Stone Patios

Stone patios come in any design specifications you wish. They are compiled of various types of stones or bricks. Many people install stone patios for their stylish appearance and ability to be customized to match any outdoor décor.

Benefits of stone patios:

  • Enhanced beauty for your landscape
  • Increased home value
  • Added recreation space
  • Low maintenance
  • Long lasting

For an elegant and natural look for your outdoor area, consider a stone or brick patio.

Concrete Patios

Concrete patios are extremely durable. They can provide additional activity space outdoors and can withstand any weather condition. Although they are very stable, they can succumb to cracking and sloping.

Benefits of concrete patios:

  • Cost efficient
  • Weather resistant
  • Low Maintenance
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Versatile

Get the lasting durability and stability of concrete by adding a concrete patio to your outdoor space.


Pavers come in various styles and colors. You can blend different color variations together to achieve any look desired. Pavers are easily replaced, one paver at a time, however they require proper drainage sloping away from the home's foundation.

Benefits of paver patios:

  • Aesthetic beauty
  • Many design options
  • Easy to repair
  • Cost efficient
  • Extremely versatile

Paver patios are easily fixed when they are in need of repair. Simply replace the broken paver(s) with a new one without damage to the others.

Details make a difference

Craftsmanship where it counts. It takes a skilled, well-equipped crew to integrate your patio with adjacent details like pool surrounds, stairways, planters and other landscape elements.


The brick on this porch was crumbling. This customer called BDM for an estimate to have the masonry repaired


Our crew came out and expertly fixed the concrete and brick porch and the homeowner was satisfied with the outcome!
At this home the brick looks washed out and old.
The new brick repair gave it a new and fresh look.
Finished mason repair.

Hardscape Design and Installation

Bone Dry Masonry offer a complete hardscape design services for creating an escape oasis in your backyard.  Our masonry experts will give you additional outdoor living space to enjoy for years. 

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Let Bone Dry Masonry help bring your dream patio to life.