Reliable roof repair in Lexington KY


During a season binge of his favorite show, our homeowner noticed a leak in his TV room! He gave us a call & spoke with the delightful staff in our office to arrange a time for Scott to find the source and give an estimate.


In addition to addressing the leak around the chimney, as detailed in the images, for a small additional charge we also completed a Preventative Maintenance Service. This includes a thorough rooftop inspection, sealing exposed fasteners & exhaust vent pipes. Ask your Bone Dry representative about adding this to your project!

It is fairly common for homeowners to disregard a dark area on their ceiling. Poor lighting can mask water issues until it’s turned into a real headache! We offer free estimates & love to put your worries at rest, give us a call even if you’re unsure. Our technicians are thorough & happy to help.

Project Summary

Repair Division Manager: Scott Darby

Installer: Angel Melendez

Installer: Martin Navarro