Roof leak repair on EPDM roof in Lexington KY


After experiencing some leaking coming from his flat roof, this homeowner asked his neighbors for some trustworthy contractors. No surprise, our name came up as someone reputable & reliable. We encourage our clients to do their homework before using any contractor & welcome inquiries into our practices as well!


After getting a couple of quotes and estimates, as all homeowners should, we were selected to take care of the issues for this client. We won them over so much from this install, that we are also rebuilding their chimney later this fall! Another neighbor added to pass our name along!

Project Summary

Repair Division Manager: Scott Darby

Installer: Martin Navarro

Installer: Angel Melendez

Material: EPDM – Synthetic Rubber Roofing System

Material: Owens Corning Oakridge – Sierra Gray