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Whether we’re working on your roof or you’ve simply noticed it’s time for an insulation upgrade to improve energy efficiency, Bone Dry Roofing has the expertise to do the job right at a budget-friendly price.

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Our insulation contractors specialize in blown-in attic insulation for homeowners throughout the Lexington, KY, area. Whether we’re working on your roof or you’ve simply noticed it’s time for an insulation upgrade to improve energy efficiency, Bone Dry Roofing has the expertise to do the job right at a budget-friendly price.

Many homeowners in this area don’t have sufficient insulation in their attics. When this is the situation, you are at risk of losing hundreds of dollars in energy costs annually, as well as poor ventilation. Allow our team to provide you with a professional assessment of your existing insulation and determine whether you could benefit from an upgrade.

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Bone Dry Roofing employs highly knowledgeable home insulation contractors in Lexington. Our company has extensive experience inspecting and installing blown-in attic insulation for homeowners throughout the area. We will use the best insulation products and equipment to ensure your new insulation can provide improved energy efficiency for decades.

There is a difference when you insulate your attic correctly.  As much as 40% of your home’s air escapes through the attic. A Bone Dry specialist can evaluate your current insulation level to confirm or suggest if your home could benefit from additional insulation blown into your attic.

Are you ready to get in touch with our expert team? We would love to discuss your insulation needs and offer you a free estimate for our installation services. Contact us today! Call us at 859-254-2663 or complete the form to get started.

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Attic Insulation FAQ

Where is blown-in insulation the most effective?

Blown-in insulation is most effective in the attic space of a home. 80% of a home’s efficiency is directly related to what is in the attic.

Does Bone Dry install blown-in insulation in areas other than my attic or overhead crawl space?

We install blown-in insulation into wall cavities and attic spaces.

How does attic insulation help my roofing system?

Attic insulation lengthens the life of the roof by preventing warm air entering the attic. Warm air in an attic space is the perfect formula for creating condensation. A wet, condensating attic can damage decking, cause water stains on drywall, and has the potential to grow mold in the attic space.

Can you install attic insulation while you’re replacing my roof?

Installing insulation while installing a new roof is ideal. As such, we won’t need to enter the home to install, as all work can be completed from outside.

What if I already have insulation in my attic? Should I have it inspected?

90% of homes are either under insulated or insulated incorrectly per the Department of Energy. It is always a good idea to take advantage of our free insulation inspections.

What does “R” value mean?

“R” value is the industry standard to rate insulation. “R” stands for resistance to heat flow. The higher the “R” value, the greater the insulating power.

What ”R” value is recommended for residential homes?

Typical “R” values of blown-in attic insulation are 3.5 per inch with a recommendation of an R-60 in the attic space, or 20” of total insulation. The higher the “R” value, the more insulating power, but also the more insulation needed.

Do you use any special equipment?

Our insulation inspectors use high quality thermal imaging to determine the amount of insulation in the walls and attic and to inspect for potential air leaks. This allows us to see areas of your home where heat is escaping, giving us all the information needed to solve your insulation problem.

Can I expect energy savings by installing blown-in attic insulation?

Per the Department of Energy, every inch of insulation added to your home can save you approximately $100 annually on energy bills.

What kind of attic insulation does Bone Dry install?

Bone Dry Roofing installs Pro-Cat insulation from Owens Corning. This contractor grade blown-in insulation has a settling rate of less than 1%.

Do you install new insulation on top of old insulation?

It is not necessary to remove old blown-in insulation before installing new insulation. In some cases, however, if the insulation is wet or soiled (for example, if a raccoon or other pest moved into your attic), it is wise to remove the old, affected insulation.

How long does a typical attic insulation installation process take?

A typical attic insulation project ranges from 3-6 hours on site.

Can attic insulation help specifically with an isolated area of my home that is considerably colder or warmer than the rest?

A cold spot in the home is a signifier that there are areas in the attic that are significantly under insulated. By contacting Bone Dry Roofing, we can inspect your attic space to determine the best course of action for more comfortable living.